Update 7/16/14

I have been moving along with the development of materials and added instructor’s guides for several more today.  I have given up on Zaption.  It sounded good and would be desirable, it took too much time to create the tours and technology in Haiti is too iffy to depend on it.  I will have the students use worksheets instead.

Translation is moving ahead with the help of Renate and two Haitian students, Pierre Moise and Pierre Renel.  They are graduation and were busy preparing their final projects.  They are now finished and have some time to help.  I will try to have all the student materials in both English and Haitian Creole and do the same with PowerPoint presentations.

I have purchased a tub of 1000 cubes 1 cm on a side that can be locked together.  Small, but small is good for carrying in my luggage.  I will be using them in several exercises, including Tower Building, Bridge Building, Estimation and Scaling.

I will try to update more often, so keep checking in to see the progress.  We are less than 5 weeks from the start of the seminar.





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