Make a wish

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Make a Wish

Instructor’s Guide

Handout is 1/student

The exercise is effectively a pre-test.  It is an attempt to see how well the students can look ahead in their imaginations and find evidence of their dreams for their personal future.

Encourage students, make suggestions to individuals, especially as they ask questions.  The following are possible ways to go and may be used with the whole group if there is widespread confusion.

Ask them to imagine themselves in the Jeremie market.  What do they see, what do they smell?  Describe the smells in the fish section.

Ask them to imagine themselves studying for an exam.  What are their surroundings like?  Is their chair comfortable.  Do they have enough light?

Ask them to imagine themselves in the forest on the mountain.  They see a coconut tree.  They pick up a coconut and start to break it open.  Imagine what it smells like.  Anticipate tasting it.  Does this cause them to salivate?

If there is great difficulty in the whole group, make these a group exercise – try to get them to build the imagined situation as members of the group add to the picture.

We may hand this sheet back to the students near the end of the score to allow them to make changes (identified as changes) at the end of the course.



Copyright 2014, Robert M. Boeke


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