Exercise: Edible Plants in Haiti

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Ex:  Edible plants that grow in Haiti

There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables that grow in Haiti in the Grand Anse region.  Pierre Moise has been the leader in creating a new use for breadfruit.  The result is a business that turns breadfruit into flour that is good to eat and provides good nutrition for people.  It makes the breadfruit available all year long, not just when it is in season.  We will look more closely at the business of making breadfruit flower other exercises.  For this exercise, we want to explore how many different fruits and vegetables grow in the Jeremie/Grand Anse region and how they are used.

1.  Each group is to make a list of the edible plants, fruits and vegetables, that grow, either farmed or growing wild in the forest in the Jeremie/Grand Anse region.  For each fruit or vegetable, include a list of the ways it is commonly prepared to be eaten.

(Review and compare lists.  Discuss which are most popular in the local area and have the students speculate about why these are most popular.)

2.  Each group will pick one fruit and one vegetable to discuss.  You have a list of ways these plants are most often prepared for meals.  In your group, discuss other possible ways to prepare these to items.  How can you vary the preparation so that you will have a new dish that people will enjoy eating?  Could these plants be processed differently (like the breadfruit flour?)

(Review the group suggestions.  Interactively lead a discussion about the part food plays in the lives of Haitians.  Is it focused more on nourishment or enjoyment? How varied is a typical Hatian diet?  Is there an identifiable Haitian cuisine?)

3.  Using the original list (Part 1) Consider uses for these plants that are not for human food.  Include the parts of the plants that cannot be eaten.

(Discuss pros and cons of the groups’ suggestion.  Consider whether any of them might be turned into a business.)

(Review and wrap-up)

Copyright 2014, Robert M. Boeke


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