Bridge Building

Draft                         Draft                        Draft                  Draft                        

Ex Bridge Building                                                    Instructor’s Guide

This exercise is intended to stimulate manipulation of physical objects and visualization of design possibilities to work toward a goal.

Students are asked to use the blocks to build the longest bridge they can that will be stable and support itself.  The PPT will display a couple of pictures to illustrate what is defined as a bridge and show a couple of variations to help them get started.

Verbal description.  A bridge is a construction with supports on each end and a section that is supported above the floor with no other support.  The blocks may be interlocked in any way that works toward the goal.  There are no restrictions on the size or shape of the parts of the bridge.

They can be given a little coaching along the way.

I assume that 30-40 min will be enough to get some good results.

We will photograph the results for each group to record their efforts.

Copyright 2014, Robert M. Boeke


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