Jeremie Needs

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What does Jeremie Need?

Instructor’s Guide

The purpose of this exercise is to get the students to think about what kinds of projects and changes would make Jeremie and the Grand Anse region a better place to live.  Then they will consider ways to make some of those things happen.  Finally they will start to think about themselves as the agents of change who can make these things happen.

1. Have student groups enter their names on the worksheet

2. Make a list of projects or changes that could make Jeremie and the Grand Anse a better place to live.

Go over the student’s lists and discuss each item.  Why is it important?  What would be its benefits?  What problems could it solve?  Be sure to get infrastructure:  water, energy, transportation on the list and involve their benefits, difficulty implementing, etc. in the discussion.

3. Look at your list and find the 3 changes or projects that you consider most important.  Discuss this in your group.  For each item on the list, explain why you would consider it to be important and why you would make it number 1, number 2, etc on the list.

Have a class discussion about these lists and consider why each group put the items that it did and why in the order they chose.  Try to lead the class to a consensus as to which 2 or 3 items should be should top the list.

4.  The top items on the list may be too big for you or even this whole class

to change by yourself.  Pick an item on your list for which you think a single person or a small group of people could make at least a small difference.

Some coaching may be required on this.  The goal is to get individual students to begin to see the possibility that they can make a difference. (E.g., start a business that will help to solve a problem.  Encourage them to find something to try.


Pep talk about how they can make a difference.

Emphasize that small efforts can add up.

Consider effect of a teacher at UNOGA.

Helping another person in a small way is making a difference.


Copyright 2014, Robert M. Boeke


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