Update 6/23/14

Late last week I updated the instructor’s guides for the What’s in the Bag and the Estimating exercises.  I have posted them on this site.  They are still marked as Drafts, but I consider them to be close to their final form.  The pattern of the exercise and the use of Zaption are becoming clearer.  Have a look and see what you think.  I welcome comments.

Renel and Moise, the two graduating UNOGA students who are working on the seminar with us, have offered to translate materials into Haitian Creole.  I sent them the first two documents this morning.  It is my goal to have the Zaption tours presented to them in both Creole and English.I am very pleased to have their help.  With some materials in Creole, an interpreter, and some students with some English skills, I think we will be able to communicate well enough to make this work.

Look for another update later this week.




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