Divergent Thinking and Problem-Solving Seminar



Divergent Haiti

The place to find information related to the

Divergent Thinking and Problem-Solving Seminar

August 18 to 29, 2014

Sponsored by

University of the Nouvelle Grand Anse

Jeremie, Haiti

2 thoughts on “Divergent Thinking and Problem-Solving Seminar

  1. Jim Coady

    Ahh yes…the Zom-bees…I would have thought that Maxo would have gotten rid of them by now. Sounds like things have not changed in a year. Water and power are the perennial issues…welcome to Haiti! Glad to here you are having a good time with the students. I am going to be very curious to see where this goes. To have any real effect it would seem to me that this kind of course/workshop/sequence would need to be part of the basic academic curriculum…and taught by a Haitian. Maybe you’ll get some prospective graduate student who “gets it” to do it.


    1. rmbrmb2223 Post author

      Well, the bathroom floor is dry this time. That’s a help. I suspect you would have to completely open up the wall to get rid of the bees.

      Renate was talking about making this a repeating event even before we got here. We are on the lookout for a Haitian graduate or UNOGA employee who is willing and able to undergo training. The role of the instructor is large, but I think it can be done. We have a couple of possiblities in the group right now.



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